Day 1


  1. Traditional frame drum playing from portuguese women 
  2. Traditional rhythm – 3 beat cycle
  3. How to use a traditional song to develop singing, technique and musicality

Step by step:

  1. learn the traditional melody singing along with the ladies, using any syllable, like “la la la”.
  2. Sing with a drone (like a tambura sound) to help you stay in tune.
  3. Play with the traditional 3beat cycle and the two variations with ornamentation
  4. Learn the 9 stroke roll fingering, starting in Dum and (you can use it in round frame drums in standing position).
  5. Play the 9 stroke roll fingering over a 3 beat cycle, like in the table above. Try to beat the pulse with your foot.
  6. Sing the traditional song over the 3 beat cycle on the foot, the 9 stroke roll fingering on the frame drum and don´t forget to breath. 🙂

Day 2


  1. Traditional 2 beat cycle and variations
  2. “Taimpum” traditional song with konnakol
  3. Adufe trio in 11
  4. 11 beat bridge subdivisions